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Hi guys, I’m Mathilde from Ebike Malaga and a few days ago I went on a bicycle trip with my friend Diana. We left from our shop in ‘’Calle Casas de Campos 2’’ and we arrived 5 hours later in Almuñecar center. We used an electric bike as it’s more comfortable when facing hills, the Dakota model. Click on this link here to see what model I am talking about.

We took a hostel in Nerja (20km backways from Almuñecar) and we came back the following morning. So to sum up, we did Malaga-Almuñecar-Nerja and the following day; Nerja-Malaga. It was an amazing experience and that’s why I want to give you advice to "bikepack" in the surroundings of Malaga.

Click on this link to find our trail here

10 tips to "bikepack" in Malaga region

Make sure to bring tools with you like an adjustable spanner, a puncture kit, and a screwdriver. On the road, many problems can happen, but if you are well prepared, it will be easy for you to solve them. Bring zip-ties and duct tape. If all else fails: there is duct tape! This is an essential item, and it can potentially help you reach your destination with a temporary fix. A ripped bag? Rattling bottle cage? Tape it!

If you plan to sleep in a hostel or hotel, make sure they have a space for the bikes. There are lots of thefts therefore it is not safe to leave it outside for the whole night (even with a lock).

Be aware of the roads you are taking, to not end up on the motorway. For example, to go from Malaga to Almuñécar you should take the road N-340. There is a bicycle lane along the seafront of la Malagueta till El Rincón de la Victoria then you must use the main road. It is mostly flat till Nerja but afterward, you will face hills in the surroundings of La Herradura.

Leaving very early in the morning (around 6 AM) lets you enjoy an empty road and a breathless sunrise. However, make sure to bring a light, because in the neighborhood of “La Arana”, the road is full of holes and rocks, you can easily fall.

Set your goals before you set off.
It’s not a matter if you’re fast or not, as long as you reach your goal, you will be filled with satisfaction. If you’re going with friends, make sure they have the same objective and motivation as you.

Don’t push yourself too far too soon.
Your fitness level must improve, you cannot do 200km on the first day. It’s better to progress little by little even if you have motivation, you have to take care of your body, or you’ll end up worn out with pulled muscles. I try to keep a reasonable base level of fitness, which isn’t to say I’m not prone to having a few pints and a pizza. Enjoy life and most important, cheers when having accomplished your mission.

The road can be very dangerous, with lots of cars during peak hours. It is important to always wear your helmet. If you have long sleeve t-shirt, even if the weather is very hot, opt for this! It can be some scratches saving. Bring with you a yellow security jacket, so that the cars can see you better.

Be careful with the seafront, sometimes it’s not allowed for the bicycle and the police and give you a fine. There are some new laws about cycling in Malaga, you can go where the cars go or on the bicycle lanes.

If you want to take pictures during your travel, you should bring a GoPro, I tried to take videos and pictures when I was riding, and I nearly hit a car many times. It is not comfortable and the quality of the image as well, as you’re moving a lot.

Some details you must know whatever where you are going.
Eat dried fruit for maximum energy during the journey.
Do not forget to relax your legs and even massage them after climbing! Otherwise, you will end up with aches and pains the next day.
Don't forget the shorts with seat cushions, you can buy them in Decathlon for very cheap or even make it yourself. You can put a special cushion for the seat as well.

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