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Rental conditions

If you wish to rent a bike overnight, you must have an indoor private space to park the bike. Electric Bike Malaga, S.L. does not take responsibility for any damage or robbery overnight rentals.

1/2 day is a 4h rental to pick up before 11h.
1 day is more than 4h rental during the working day. From 10h to 19h (winter) or 20h (summer).
2 days rental are 2 working days, from 10h to 19h (winter) or 20h (summer).

Injury responsibility that may be caused by the rider or a third party is the client. Electric Bike Malaga, S.L. Ebike Malaga is exempted from any liability for damages caused to riders or third persons or property.

Ebike Malaga always provides bike locks and necessary instructions for good care and protection of the bikes.

The renter must take good care of the bicycles and take precautions necessary to avoid damage, loss or theft. In the event of any of the situations during the rental period, the customer will immediately assume all the replacement costs incurred at the market price.

In case of keys´ loss or damage, the renter will be charged 20€.

Electric bike Malaga does not provide any provided technical assistance to the renter out of Malaga city center.

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