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Our segway tours are designed for you to have fun, and, see the best of Malaga. We will show you the most beautiful spots in the city, stunning views, and, we give you a lot of tips to enjoy your stay in Malaga. Everyone can join, from 28kg. Do you have a baby? No problem, he can follow in our kart or a baby seat on an electric bike.

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Why a segway tour is a must do in Malaga?

Have you really never been on a segway tour in Malaga?
Well, I'm going to let you in on a secret... This city is probably the best city in Spain to visit on a segway.. And this is not just my opinion nor the opinion of Dean Kamen - creator of the segway back in 2001.
This has been approved by many tourists - both national and international - who came by plane, cruise ship, car or motorbike and did it during their holidays.

The question that comes to mind is: WHY would I do that!?

Why is this guy telling me that Malaga is the best city in Spain for a segway tour?
Well... I will answer that question in more detail in each of the articles written with our tour offers. But I'm going to give you a clue... or rather I'm going to give you four: Historical center, great viewpoints, the Promenade and the Port. We are lucky that in Malaga these four special and interesting sites are very well connected.

In a way it seems that Dean Kamen himself (the creator of the segway) was the one who designed Malaga´s layout. The shape and design of the streets make our segway tours attractive and unforgettable. And speaking sincerely, from a Malagueño´s point of view. Yes, I am a real Malagueño. I have recommended this tour by Segway to all of my friends and family. Furthermore, they came with low expectations and they were surpassed.
If I had to define in a few words a Segway tour in Malaga, I would say that it is something that will exceed your expectations. The adventurers who dare to book our tours think that we will be moving around the city center and little more.
They end up very surprised by the number of different places that can be reached on a segway. We escape from the center and have fun; we enjoy, laugh, take photos, videos and observe Malaga in all its splendour. I was one of those incredulous people who thought that a Segway tour might not be so bad and I thought..., Why not, it could be ok. Yes, it would be a new experience but nothing more.
Something without content or anything special beyond riding a segway for the sake of riding a segway. But, as it turns out, this depends on where you do it and with whom. My point is everything changes when you do a tour with people who have a passion for Malaga, and actually enjoy showing you the city!

At Ebike Malaga our team is our best asset.
They can help ease any doubts that you may have or answer any questions - like how many years ago was an historic building built, what is the temperature of the water and what is the population of Malaga etc. And if we don´t have the answer, we will find it of course!
We can also provide many recommendations for tapas bars, fish and meat restaurants, the best places to try paella, areas to drink the wine of Malaga, bars where you can have a beer or discos where you find the best environment depending on what you're looking for.We do not want to see you surrounded by people who are 50 if you're 25 or we do not want to see you surrounded by toy boys if you're already at another level... Well, maybe that is exactly what you want, who knows...:-) Don´t worry, what happens in Malaga stays in Malaga!:-)

Everything, absolutely everything, that we recommend to you will have the Spanish seal of approval. We don't want to send you to the typical tourist places; we want to treat you like another Malagueño! And in that instance our team know all about it because we love Malaga and we know it perfectly!
It goes without saying that when you have finished the tour you will know a lot about Malaga because our team live here and want you to make the most of Malaga during your stay.

Even if you are from Malaga, you will be surprised, not only by the tour, but also by the many interesting facts surrounding the city.
And if it turns out that you come with your family or friends who are not (yet) interested in which famous actor lives in front of the Roman Theatre or which famous painter was born in Malaga, among many other interesting facts, do not worry, we have the ability to adapt the tour to what each client is looking for.

We define a tour of this type as ESSENTIAL when you travel to Malaga! We are lucky enough to have a city that is perfectly designed for this type of activity and staff that love what they do. An added bonus: we will make a photo account during the tour to make it even more memorable.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your friends, your family, your children, your partner or your boss - maybe there´s a chance of a promotion at work!? - and we assure you that it will be an experience you will never forget!

We look forward to seeing you and await you with the biggest smile and an eagerness to make it an unforgettable experience.

Autor: Gabriel Carrillo fuentes

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We have a great time with you every day!,and, we hope we will see you again for more great memories!

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