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An original way to keep your team motivated!

What is a team building?

Team Building is a key tool in organizational development and conflict resolution within a company. There is no standard at the content level. The Team Building concept encompasses a wide variety of activities. They are oriented and structured to improve the performance and motivation of the people who perform them. They reinforce team values and contribute to improving personal growth.

How it works?

Team Building increases group cohesion. It reinforces the feeling of belonging to the group. It works on important attitudes for a group to function. Especially self-evaluation, confidence in the team and fellowship. Everything in a cheerful and carefree way. It works as an escape valve to alleviate all the possible stress that is usually caused in a work environment.


Ebike Málaga is a company with experience in Malaga and the Costa de Sol for more than 5 years. A mix of natives and expats, with adventurers from different countries living in Malaga.
One of our great advantages is that today we have an extensive network of professional contacts within the area. Although we still have a global point of view.
A few years ago we started as a sports equipment sales and rental company. Over time we have not stopped growing and we have been developing to cover multiple avenues within the leisure and tourism in Malaga. Today we work with both companies and agencies. Our idea is to ensure the maximum result of our project. We know the land we work in very well and we surround ourselves with the best in each field. Years of confidence and thousands of satisfied clients guarantee us.

How we approach team building?
At Ebike Málaga we can offer a complete program. Adapted to the profile and needs of each group. We are flexible and careful to the millimeter. Within this programming, we will take care of all the part referring to leisure. We can adapt without any problem to all publics. Offering a high range of activities that focus on the spirit of team building and encourage the growth of companies that practice it. For this, we have another great advantage: Malaga.


Team Building increases group cohesion. It reinforces the feeling of belonging to the group. It works on important attitudes for a group to function. Especially self-evaluation, confidence in the team and fellowship. Everything in a cheerful and carefree way. It works as an escape valve to alleviate all the possible stress that is usually caused in a work environment.



E-bike tours

2h Tour e-bikes

Just fun! Our electric bike tours are designed to be fun and informative! Your team will discover, learn and build shared memories. From two hours to a full day, we ride in Malaga, the Gibralfaro forest up to the top of the hill. Amazing views guaranteed!

Segway tours

Segway tours

For more adventurous teams. Our segway tours are about discovering new sensations and having fun together. We ride in Malaga and discover the most beautiful sites of it. Fast but easy, your team will never forget that moment together!

Beach sports

4h Tour e-bikes

Try the competitiveness of your team! We organize water and beach games in Malaga. By the most beautiful beach in the city, your team will have to push their limits in terms of logic and fitness! Fun water race, games on the beach or kayak trips and more.

Bicycle tours

2h Tour e-bikes

Enjoy an outdoor and informative activity. Perfect to stretch your team´s legs after hours of meeting. We ride in Malaga capital discovering its most beautiful site. Not just a city tour, we also ride along the beach and Malaga´s port. A great moment of fresh air!

Boat trip

2h Tour e-bikes

Spoil your team during a boat tour and drinks. They deserve it! Hop on a boat and sail along Malaga´coast. Get amazed by the views and while chatting with your team. A great moment to share!

Gastronomy discovery


Taste pure Andalous cuisine during a walking tapas tour. Walk-in Malaga center and discover the best of its gastronomy, and, wine! We will guide your team in the best and typical tapas place in the city.

Walking tour

Walking tour

Our walking tours are designed for your team to learn about Malaga´s history, culture, and architecture. Malaga is one of the oldest in Europe and hides amazing histories. Get surprised and offer your team an educative moment.

Flamenco show

2h Tour e-bikes

No one comes to Andalusia without seeing a flamenco show. Captivating and beautiful, flamenco is part of the hart of Andalusia. In a local tavern, while you sip a glass of wine, dancers, singers, and guitarists live stories sharing through music. An intense moment.

Automobile museum

4h Tour e-bikes

An interesting visit. The automobile museum walks you through the evolution of cars and fashion. Bugatti, Figoni, Labourdette, this place hides gems and exuberant fashion pieces that you couldn´t see anywhere else.



Dogma model


We can arrange your stay in Malaga. The finest hotels in Málaga Downtown, with breakfast included.
We cover the entire Costa del Sol area and surroundings. Nothing better than a native company with many years of experience and full list of contacts in the area to find the offer that best suits the needs of your group.

Dogma model

Working space

We will find the required working Areas for both large and small groups.
With availability of multiple options when it comes to getting all the necessary equipment to ensure success in your meetings.



We can organize your lunches or dinners in many of the most authentic restaurants in the center of Malaga.
Malaga has an incredible gastronomic offer to offer.
A must when visiting our city. We also offer the option of delivering a catering service at any point, whether indoors or outdoors.

Dogma model


We have years of knowledge and experience when setting group activities.
We can plan many different recreation activities for your team. All fun and original, cultural and educational or challenging.
You will find a large range of leisure activities perfect for strengthen your bonds while having fun during your business trip.

Bus rental


Regardless of the size of your group, it is possible to organize the means of transportation for you. From small to large groups.
We also have the ability to organize your transportation from the airport to your hotel, setting transfers, or even take your group to any area in Costa del Sol surroundings.



Prepare your escape to the Montes de Málaga

We are fortunate to have many bike itineraries in and around Malaga. The one you cannot miss is the Montes de Malaga. The Dakota model, our most fighting model of E-MTB, is perfect the most adapted to this mountain ride.

Ebike Malaga, shop and workshop

We sell a large range of electric bikes. More than 40 models available online. Differents kinds of shapes like sport, urban or, folder models. We represent prestigious brands like Ebroh, Littium, UrbanBiker, Fantic, Montana, and...

How do I keep the wheels on my electric scooter from getting punctured?

Flat tires are the curse of electric scooters. However, if you maintain good habits, you can reduce them considerably. This article will help you understand where repetitive punctures come from and how to avoid them.

How to choose your electric bike wisely?

At Ebike Málaga, we help you choose your electric bike according to your needs and budget. The aim of this article is to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right electric bicycle, whether you buy it from us or from any other shop. First of all...

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