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Riding a bike in Malaga is definitely the best way to go around. Malaga has the perfect climate, bicycle lanes, bike route, and amazing sceneries. You can ride a bike on pedestrian areas, except for the historic center. You can ride for many kilometers along the beach, go up north to visit the beautiful botanical garden or ride on the west part of Malaga, less touristic but as beautiful. A lot of chiringuitos and tapas bars are waiting for you there!

We will give you this map and a lot of tips to enjoy your bicycle day at our bike shop.

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Cycling rules in Malaga


The bicycles will travel preferably through the bike lane. The maximum speed will be 30 km / h. You can drive on sidewalks, platforms, and walks, as long as the speed does not exceed 10 km / h and the following conditions are met:
  • There are no roads to use.
  • The preference of pedestrians is respected, not approaching less than 1 meter away.
  • There is no signage that prohibits the passage of bicycles.

Cyclists are prohibited from riding on a single wheel or in a moving vehicle. Cyclists have the same obligations and restrictions as others in terms of alcohol, narcotics, stimulants or other analogous substances. It is forbidden using manually your mobile phone or any other device.
Unauthorized competitions are forbidden.
It is forbidden overcoming the speed limit or performing reckless maneuvers that put pedestrians at risk.

Conditions and visibility

Bicycles must have:
  • A braking system on the front and rear wheels.
  • A bell, being forbidden the use of another acoustic method.
  • Bicycles and bicycles with assisted pedaling will correspond to approved types.
  • At night or with reduced visibility because of weather conditions, bicycles must have: front and rear position light, rear reflector, and may have retro-reflectors on the spokes of the wheels and pedals.
  • All named devices will be approved.

Bicycles may carry a child of up to seven years old in an approved seat with a helmet when the driver is over the legal age. Both elements must be approved.
Bicycles may be equipped with accessory elements suitable for the day and night transportation of minors and cargo, such as coupled chairs, trailers, semi-trailers and other devices duly certified or approved, with the weight limitations for such devices.
Bicycles may tow a trailer or semi-trailer for the transport of all types of packages and children, provided that the driver is of legal age and under his responsibility. If they are traveling with a trailer or semi-trailer transporting packages or without them at an abnormally reduced speed,
they cannot use it on the roadway and must travel on bicycle paths, zones 30, other pacified roads or authorized pedestrian zones since such traffic can unduly impede circulation.
These trailers must be visible under the same conditions established for bicycles.

The parking lots designed specifically for bicycles will be exclusively used by them.
When it is not possible to do it in the spaces established in the previous section, you will be able to park on the sidewalks, platforms and walks, with a width of more than 3 meters, provided that this possibility is signaled and there are spaces conditioned to do it.
It is allowed (in the cases of the non-existence of such parking spaces in a radius of approximately 50 meters) to tie the bikes to elements of urban furniture except when they are arranged as elements of separation of lanes of circulation. Said parking lot must not interrupt pedestrian traffic, respecting a free section of at least 1.5 meters, without invading the vehicle circulation space.
You are not allowed to tie your bike in traffic lights including control boxes or cabinets, traffic signs or trees.

The competent authorities may proceed, if the person obliged to do so would not do it, to the removal of the bicycle from the public road when it is not parked in one of the spaces specifically equipped for that purpose, existing in the area, it is not found parked fulfilling the requirements of the previous article, or when the bicycle is considered as abandoned. Before the withdrawal of the public road, the competent authorities, if possible, will take a photograph of the affected bicycle.
Abandoned bikes are defined as bikes presented in the public road lacking both wheels, with the unused traction mechanism or whose condition clearly demonstrates their abandonment.
The City Council will establish a deposit of bicycles to facilitate its recovery by the owner or its delivery to an organization, after three months from its withdrawal.
The expenses caused by the withdrawal of the bicycle shall be borne by the holder of the bike.
The immobilization of the bicycle may be carried out when the driver is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, stimulants or other analogous substances.
The City Council will regulate an action protocol that determines the procedure of withdrawal, identification and deposit of the bicycle.

Infractions to this Ordinance will be reported either directly by the Local Police or by any person and will follow the administrative procedure in accordance with the provisions of Law 18/2009 of November 23, modification of the revised text by Traffic Law Circulation of Motor vehicles and road safety, and the Mobility Ordinance.

Infractions and fines
Fines for bicycle infractions range from 60 euros to 500 the most serious infractions. For more information about the different fines,

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