All means of transport available in Malaga and its surroundings.

Urban buses: Line A Express connects the city center with the airport in just 15 minutes. One of the best options to move between these two points.

Intercity buses

The company Avanzabús connects the airport with Marbella’s bus station, Estepona and Ronda. It connects these three locations with Malaga’s airport.

Long-distance buses

Algeciras, Motril, Seville, and Granada are connected to Malaga’s airport in this option. Great way to travel if you want to discover Andalusia´s sceneries.


A train line of “Cercanías” connects the airport with several key points in Costa del Sol: Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Torremolinos and Malaga center.


The displacement is known by all of us. One call and they will take you where you need to be. Number: 952 04 04 04.


Download the app to be in contact with them. One single click on your mobile and a car goes straight for you. No cash required.

Electric scooter sharing

If you are looking for fast, cheap, efficient and safe electric road transport, we would like to tell you about the most famous electric scooter rental company of Spain: YEGO.

Everything is very quick and easy with Yego. You simply enter your information, which will take you no more than 1 minute, and you will be able to enjoy a fast and stylish ride as Yego´s scooters have an aesthetic that catches anyone's attention as they are inspired by the old Vespas, perhaps the most popular motorbike in the history of our country.

In our opinion it is the best alternative to the electric bike or normal bike if what you want is to go from point A to point B quickly and cheaply without having to return the vehicle to any specific place, being able to leave the bike in any parking place without worries.

It is also ideal if you are accompanied, as you can transport a second person and two helmets are available in the back case.

YEGO Moto Club


Click here to download the App


Getting in and out of Málaga

Transportation to Malaga from cities in Spain and vice versa

  • AVE (Spanish high speed): Especially short travel and comfortable trips through Spain.
  • Airplane: Malaga has its own airport, so you can get here through this travel mode. Choose your trusted airline and enjoy it.
  • Bus: Traveling by bus is usually cheaper than traveling by train or plane. Find your ideal bus transportation click here.
  • Ship: Maritime transport continues to be used even if it does not seem like it.
  • Blablacar Blablacar phenomenon has had a tremendous impact. It offers you the possibility of moving between cities cheaply, quickly and comfortably. If you want to move between cities in Spain, find your ideal trip published by another user and just travel. It will also connect you with points outside of Spain. The objective is to find the trip that best suits you by date, time and price. click here.