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You cannot be disappointed by any e-bike tours with Ebike Malaga! You get to see the best of our Malaga city in a very original way! Our electric bikes are easy and very fun.. Anyone who knows how to ride a bike can use them. Our Malaga electric bike tours have been created to show you the best of the city in less time. The 2h e bike tour, is perfect for people who want to cover the entire city and the Gibralfaro hill. The 3h e bike tour, is more complete and shows you Malaga´s beautiful sealine. The 4h e bike tour, is for Malagueños´ lifestyle and sea lovers!

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4h Tour e-bikes

This electric bike tour of Málaga is ideal for those who want to discover the best ...

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4h Tour e-bikes

You will discover unique sites of Malaga, its best views and hear about the ...

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4h Tour e-bikes

We recommend this electric bike tour of Malaga to sea lovers and bike riders. The ...

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A full day of fun!

You start your day on an electric bike tour, then you keep the bikes for the rest of the day. During the tour, we cover the entire city and we give you the best tips to enjoy Malaga. Very complete, our visit includes the discovery of Malaga city, the Gibralfaro hill, the best views over the bay, the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the Port and La Malagueta. From there, you have all info to keep going by yourself. Impossible to be lost! You get the rest of the day, enjoying your freedom and the electric bikes. You ride along the beach until the old fishing villages, and why not, try one of our famous Chiringuito!

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Guided tour in the Montes of Málaga.

Discover the natural beauty of Malaga's Montes with our electric bike guided trip, starting from Málaga center.Navigate rugged terrain, enjoy panoramic views, and experience the thrill of e-biking in this stunning mountainous region.

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Ebike Malaga can organize your incentive project or your special events. We have several years of experience in tours in and around Malaga. Tours or excursions on-demand or full business trip.

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Big thanks to all of you who chose Ebike Málaga for an electric bike tour!
We have a great time with you every day! We hope we will see you again for more great memories!


What to say about the beautiful city of Malaga that has not been said before!
Discovering beauties of this Mediterranean jewel is as easy as letting us lead you through that wonderful labyrinth that its streets are forming. Poets, actors, and comedians have printed a strong mark in our city, creating a unique town with its special lights, and unique lifestyle. It is not surprising that people continuously fall in love with this old lady, as there are not many places full of modern life but proud and still revealing the best of their past.

Malaga has been an important port since immemorial time. It developed a phenomenon of population heterogeneous and, always open to new experiences.

I am going to tell you the best secret of Malaga: there is a very simple way to see the whole city in a couple of hours without getting excessively tired. An electric bike ride!
You move in a very smooth way among Malaga´s wonders, you discover parts of its adventures from the past, between sailors and battles, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians, castles, gardens and, small alleys.
Stories from a past that comes back to life in every visit. Ascend to the mythical hill of the Gibralfaro Castle, with the best views of the city, without sweating - practically - a drop. Riding an electric bike makes ascending a hill as easy as riding it down. Ride through amazing forests, with a perfect climate, as Malaga has an average of 305 sunny days/year. Yes, being the capital of the Costa del Sol didn´t happen by chance. Also, riding along the coast, you discover the culture, the cafes, monuments and tapas bars, chiringuitos, and Malagueños always searching for the sea breeze. The Costa del Sol is synonymous with summer all around the world!
In fact, this city scores really high in surveys about the highest quality of life. It is among the ten first European cities. So if you are looking for a real break, this is the place, whether for a long stay, for a few days, or just a few hours.

Let us lead you on an amazing experience, just as we do when a friend is visiting us. Lots of tips are given during your tour...
Grilled sardines in front of the sea, impressive old fashioned fishing villages -very hard to stop photographing - enjoy tapas and sweet wines, and all the art that inspired Picasso himself in his first years of youth, pervading all his work of its essential Mediterranean character.

Malaga is one of the main cities - when speaking in terms of urban art in Spain - where contemporary museums and traditional folklore go together. All the graffiti scene in Soho and more than 30 museums located throughout the city can confirm that today, Malaga is an institution in the art world.

The beautiful Malaga, an indisputable reference of - savoir vivre - with its contagious energy, will be able to change your life, starting on the way you name things, people here are special even in speech.
A malagueño asks for pitufos - smurfs - for breakfast. You ask for a nube - cloud - or a mitá - half, when you want a coffee with milk. Churros are tejeringos. When things go great, a malagueño goes perita. When he is attentive to things, he is aliquindoi. If he asks you to be the one who is aware, he will tell you, fíte! When something is more than a lot, it is a pechá. When you are a bit out of your mind, for them you are a majarón, and, if you are a tight pocket, you are an encogío.

Malaga may be our city, but, it will be YOUR happy place!

Autor: Javier Ballester Serrano