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You start your day with a fantastic electric bike tour. More than a simple visit, our team gives you lots of information about Malaga city, the best restaurants, the best terraces, all the sites you cannot miss in Malaga. The departure point is in Malaga Soho, at our bike shop. We ride through the city, and then, across the beautiful Gibralfaro forests up to the top of the hill. Here, have a little break to enjoy the splendid views over the bay. After getting down the hill, we ride in the Paseo del Parque, rich of luxuriant vegetation. The last part of your guided tour continue by the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the port, and la Malagueta. From here, you are free to go anywhere you like. Your tour leader will give you a map and answer any questions you have. Either you stay in the city, or you ride along Malaga´s promenade through the old fishing villages. Pedregalejo, el Palo and Rincón de la Victoria are full of bars and delicious Chiringuitos!


Malaga city, Roman Theatre, Plaza de la Merced, Camino del Moro, Gibralfaro forest, Mirador, Paseo del Parque, Palmeral de las Sorpresa, MuelleUno, Port, Lighthouse, Malagueta.


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