5 facts about Malaga

you need to know

Posted by Mathilde

1.Spanish people do not eat paella for dinner.

Paella, the famous rice dish originally from Valencia, is a tourist attraction in Andalucía. It is so common for tourists to go out at night and have a Paella for dinner.
However, you will not see Spanish people eating Paella at night. It is a very consistent and heavy dish; they wouldn’t go to bed with the belly digesting.
Therefore, they opt for lighter food. Moreover, Paella is a dish that is traditionally shared with the family during a feast.

2. During the months with an ‘’R’’ in Spanish language, there are no sardines.

There are popular myths and beliefs followed to the letter by many Malagueños. One such saying is that there are sardines only during the months without an ‘’R’’ in the word, so between May and August.

The reason why sardines are at their best in summer is that during this season, they have a higher fat content, which accentuates the flavour and aroma of their flesh. At that time, as the temperature of the surface waters rises, the plankton becomes more abundant. The sardine is overfed, fattens up and becomes endowed with fat in the epidermis. The fat liquefies when grilled, increasing the flavour of its flesh.

3.Las Moragas

In Malaga it is custom to make Moragas.

It consists of spending a day or an evening with friends and family on the beach, to make a bonfire, and taste meat and, especially, fish. It is a tradition that strengthens the city's link with the sea.

Many people do Moragas in the evening and spend the whole night drinking at the beach. (When it is possible of course!)

4.The Beach Volleyball has been discovered in Malaga around 2018.

About 3 years ago, nobody was playing Volleyball on the beach, it’s only recently that Malagueños have taken up this sport.

But nowadays the beaches are full of people playing. How come?

One day, a group of Colombian friends went to the beach and set up a net. Step by step, people were beginning to be curious about it and other groups of friends have started coming with their own equipment. Today, Beach Volleyball is a very popular outdoor sport in Malaga.

5.Until Carmen's day, people are not allowed to bathe on the beach.

This is an old tradition that says until the virgin did not bathe in the water, people could not bathe at the beach. So till the 16th of July, that is Virgen del Carmen's Day, people weren’t going to the beach.

It was possible to stay on the sand, but you couldn’t go into the water. The Virgin, according to the legend, is responsible for keeping the waters around the shore clean and safe; therefore, many devotees refused to swim until after the 16th of July.

Nowadays, this tradition isn’t used anymore.

A recent Malagueñan tradition started in 1981, shows the Virgen del Carmen embracing all lovers of the sea – including scuba divers. That year, the City scuba diving club placed an image of the Virgin at the bottom of the sea and since then divers have paid their underwater homage annually.

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