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Posted by Daniel

This week we cycled to Rincon de La Victoria, a fishing village west of Malaga. The cycle route to here is one of the most beautiful in the area and we always recommend it. You cycle out of Malaga City, along the boulevard of 'La Malagueta' beach. This beach and the district behind it are named after the bullring in this district. The arena was built between 1874 and 1876 and has long been the only structure in the district. The district was created in the late 1950s.

We continue our way towards the fishing villages of Pedregalejo and El Palo. Malaga's rich fishing history created these villages. The sand-colored, tall buildings make way for bright colors. The reason why the houses are so colorful is because the fishermen could see from the sea where their village was. The boulevard is full of terraces of the so-called 'chiringuitos'. You cycle through colorful villages with many beautiful trees, towards the cement factory.

At the end of El Palo is a huge cement factory separating the end of El Palo and the beginning of Rincon de La Victoria. Here you cycle through small caves that are used for a railway line. The train 'La Cochinita' ran through here until 1968, now it is used as a bicycle tunnel. After the last bicycle tunnel, you arrive at the quiet boulevard of Rincon de La Victoria. The boulevard is quiet and wide, you can cycle along the boulevard and over the gravel at the start of the beach.

After a bike ride of about fourteen kilometers, we went for a drink on one of the many terraces on the boulevard. Although you can still cycle very far, we did not do that this time. We returned on our electric tracking bikes. This is an easy cycling route that we always recommend because you cycle through local villages where you can eat, drink, and enjoy the weather. The cycle route can be done with both normal and electric bicycles.

If you visit Malaga I recommend choosing this route, you will see the most beautiful beaches of Malaga and can taste the local culture with the many fish restaurants. Visit our store or book online.

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