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Among the Malagueños

Posted by Gabi

Today we bring you 5 Chiringuitos of the most valued among the Malagueños for lovers of this type of restaurant, which are enjoyed mostly in summer but are also open in some cases throughout the year.

But now with the good weather, the summer temples par excellence, are the beach bars of Malaga. Places of worship where you can have a tapa and a beer on the beachfront, or a good paella.

They are not only a good place to escape from the hot summer sun while having a drink or a snack or relax at night listening to the murmur of the waves while having a drink. Good atmosphere and music under the stars.

Often the chiringuitos are small constructions, often seasonal and always near the beach or directly on the sand.

- Restaurant el Cabra: as we like places with history, El Cabra goes first; founded in 1965 and for more than half a century was managed by Manuel Cabra Ávila, and inherited by his daughters until last summer 2018 that began to be managed by a group of young entrepreneurs who have wanted to maintain its original characteristics of chiringuito.

Undoubtedly, its espetos de sardinas or its pescaíto fritos (fried fish) are a must-consume. And leave room for dessert, because their lemon tart is delicious.

Perfect place for celebrations and drinks on the beach.

- Candado Beach: many Malagueños have enjoyed weddings and various celebrations in Candado Beach because it meets the perfect conditions for events. Right on the beach, excellent Andalusian food and a very authentic atmosphere.

We can choose between the beach area with a relaxed atmosphere ideal for families who can make use of the hammock service and enjoy cocktails and snacks offered by its Lounge Bar. There, the most lively can rent a Balinese bed to enjoy the beach comfortably.

- Maricarmen Casa Playa: another of our top, is next to an old cement factory and makes it a very special place.

They offer homemade food, combining traditional dishes with a touch of fusion with Asia and continuously creating new dishes. And I tell you that it is a good place to taste some delicious espetos.

- El Balneario: popularly known as Los Baños del Carmen turned 100 years old in 2018 and is part of Malaga's identity. The restaurant is literally on top of the water and offers one of the best views of the bay and heart-stopping sunsets.

Spectacular terraces and an interior with a glamour that takes us to other moments in history.

From its gastronomy, I want to highlight the perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde in the kitchen. A wide variety of typical dishes with nuances and current techniques. We can not forget the wide range of fish and grilled rice dishes and also the traditional espetos.

- El Merendero de Antonio Martín: It takes more than a century of history of this emblematic place in the Malaga tradition of hospitality. Located on the promenade of the Malagueta a few meters from the beach, the picnic area was born to enjoy traditional Andalusian cuisine in its purest form.

We find three different environments, a terrace overlooking the sea, a cosy lounge and an informal tapas area, perfect for different times of the day.

You have to visit some of them, highly recommended and typical of Malaga!

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