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Posted by Angy on April 23, 2022

The Botanical Garden La Concepción is a treasure within a short ride on an electric bicycle from the city centre of Malaga!
The plant collections are organised according to scientific criteria. You will discover a magnificent collection of aquatic plants, "prehistoric plants", "the rock garden of biodiversity".

Don't miss the greenhouse with insectivorous plants, bromeliads and orchids, the collection of African plants and the bamboo collection. Don't hesitate to take the tour "Around the world in 80 trees". The list of discoveries is long!
The palm tree collection, the Malaga grape and olive tree collection, the viewpoint route, the cactus and succulent plant collection, the subtropical fruit tree collection and the historic lemon grove.

The garden is accessible by ebike. Don't hesitate to ask for the itinerary in our shop.

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