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Posted by Chris on Oct. 22, 2018

Evolution of the bike

Nowadays, there are many people riding bikes, everywhere, anywhere and in every country! In the Netherlands there are even more bikes than people. Back in the days, it was different.
In 1816, human designed the first bike ever. The idea was to replace horses. They named it the walking bike founded by Karl Drais. People had to push themselves forward with their feet.
In 1842, the first bike with mechanical control was founded and named MacMillan. The wooden wheels had steel rims, the rear wheel was driven with connecting rods and the front wheel was steerable
In 1867 the ‘’Hoge bi’’ was founded. The pedals drove the wheel directly. The front wheel was huge. It was the most dangerous bike that have been produced massively.
In 1868, the first bike equipped with a chain was founded, by K Meyer. They looked very similar to the bikes we have now.
In 1895, already, the first electric bike has been created! Yes in 1895! Two years later, they even create a bike with double motor. But, as you can imagine, the battery would go flat very fast... kinda useless then.. Normal bikes were evidently more popular.
Before 2nd world war in 1910, the first foldable bike were born. Obviously, created to fit back car or train...

Back to electric bikes now!

E-bikes are getting more and more popular. They are easy to use and have a lot of power. Most of the time easier, much cheaper, and even faster than cars sometimes. In busy cities, having a car can be difficult. Traffic lights, traffic jams, pedestrian areas, find spots to park… All of these, time and money consuming.. You have to know that the average speed of a car in a city is 30km/h, when an electric bike is 25 km/h. Furthermore, they are (almost) allowed everywhere, cheaper and easy to park. As technology is getting better, you also get more and more kilometres of autonomies!
At Ebike Málaga we have an ebike for everyone and every wallet! Sport, urban, folder from 780€ to 3000€!
Your electric specialist in the city, we also offer rentals, and even organise tours.
Among our different offers, our most popular tour definitely the 2 hours tour. You get to see the best of Málaga in just 2 hours.. The stunning view from the Gibralfaro hill, the historic center and the sea line. Click here if you want more info.
Last but not least, if you want to discover new sensation, you have a try on a segway… The 1h tour is just to have a taste of how fun segways can be.. The 1h30 tour is THE MOST DO.. If you are already a segway pro! The 2h tour is for you. Need more info? Click here

List of bikes from the past till now.
1. Walking bike (1816)
2. MacMillan (1842)
3. Hoge bi (1867)
4. First chain bike (1868)
5. Cycling/road bike (1880)
6. Electric bike (1895)
7. Foldable bike (1910)

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