Gibralfaro by ebike

Incredible views!

Posted by Dounia

Gibralfaro hill is one of the most visited monuments in Malaga, with a breathtaking view and a whole history behind it. The incredible view of Málaga and an amazing experience may both be found at Gibralfaro Viewpoint.
You can see some of Málaga's most iconic locations, including the bullring and Paseo del Parque Avenue, and look down on all the large cruise ships that arrive at the harbor.

Hundreds of people visit this 130m-high viewpoint every day to take in the panoramic view. It is bordered by pine trees and is adjacent to the same-named beauty area. It is situated on Gibralfaro Hill, not far from the Castle of Malaga. If you go by e-bike you are on top within 7 minutes.

When you go by e-bike not only are you still full of energy when you get to the top you also can see so many beautiful views wherever you go by e-bike, there is a special bike lane for bikes to go up.

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