Trip to Guadalorce

With Sky and Rufael

Posted by Sky

Hi everyone, here I am again. Today I biked with Rufael to Parque del Guadalhorce. This is a well-known park here in Malaga. That’s why we wanted to check it out ourselves!

The park is approximately a twenty five-minute bike ride, starting from the centre of Malaga. The electrical bikes Rufael and I chose to bring with us were the Dakota’s. Why did we chose this type of ebike? Well, the Dakota’s are ideal for the terrain we cycled on. Many of the roads were very sandy and those big, rough wheels of the Dakota’s certainly came in handy!

What I liked most about this route was the road along the beach. All the people relaxing, running with their dogs, and of course the beautiful weather of Malaga. Malaga is a lively city, and that is certainly reflected on this cycle route!

When you arrive at Parque del Guadalhorce, you have a beautiful view of the sea. You are a bit to the left of Malaga, so you have a great view. Isn't that worth a bike ride to this park? ;)

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