My first

Couple weeks

Posted by Daniel

Hello, my name is Daniël, I come from Alphen aan den Rijn in Zuid Holland. I study marketing & communication at Leidschendam. I will be in Malaga from September to December for an internship at E-bike Malaga. I am very happy that I can do my internship here because I have very nice colleagues and enjoy helping customers and giving tours.

The space I get here to do my own thing is super nice. The confidence I get to give tours myself, help customers, and come up with content.

I have learned many things about the city in a short time, and I hope to learn many more. I enjoy passing on the knowledge I have gained to customers during tours. I like the tours so much because of the interaction with the customers, you can tell them something about the city and they tell you something about themselves. You hear a lot of different stories from different people and countries.

If you are in Malaga, I definitely recommend that you take a look at the store. We rent normal and electric bicycles. If you want to explore the city or one of the surrounding villages, an E-bike from E-bike Malaga is the right thing. We rent city bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids.

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