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Today we bring you some information that will surely interest you if you are users of electric scooters. As you know, from the 2nd of January the new regulation involving PMVs (Personal Mobility Vehicles) came into effect. Among many other rules related to scooters in this regulation, we wanted to focus in this post on the obligation to use a specific lighting.

The use of lighting, both front and rear, is compulsory....

And here a problem arises for many users. With the front light there is usually no problem, but many people, for one reason or another, can break the rear mudguard of the scooter. And this implies the disappearance of the current mandatory lighting, which in turn implies a possible fine of up to 200 euros (for not using the mandatory lighting).

At Ebike Malaga we have identified this problem and, as we have been doing with punctures and other problems, both mechanical and electrical, we have implemented a fender and rear light repair package to make your life easier and avoid a bad deal with the law.

The total price of this package will be 35 euros. If you have any kind of doubt about this, do not hesitate to contact us through our email, click here, or our phone number (952.22.11.56).

If you have this problem with your rear mudguard and therefore your rear light, come to our shop and we will make it as good as new and ready to be within all regulations.

Here you have a link to the official website of the DGT in case you have doubts about these rules: click here.

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