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Posted by Gabi on Dec. 26, 2020

Today we come with a very wintery post, but nothing very cold, as it is not Malaga´s tune... Here, never expect to have your feet frozen!

We want you to know that Málaga is much more than just a beach city! We come to propose a series of activities that can be done in Malaga during the winter months. We know that there are many lovers of these dates and that, despite having to go out with a coat, they like to enjoy the outings in the coldest months of the city. There we go with plans to do in Malaga in winter

1. Golf, hiking, and other activities

The climate in the city during the winter goes perfectly with these outdoor activities. Golf has become one of the most attractive activities on the Costa del Sol while the rest of Europe is freezing cold. Other outdoor activities that can be practiced throughout the year are boat trips and fishing.

Hiking, climbing or horse riding are other options. The Caminito del Rey is a must-do, if you are not dizzy! If what you like is to walk around the center, and you are also attracted by the idea of skating on ice, in front of the Corte Inglés there is an ice rink every year during Christmas (On normal time).

2. Visit spas and thermal pools in Malaga in December or January, as soon as possible again!

Yes, we know, for the moment it is not the activity we want to do.. But for your information, usually, all these activities combine perfectly with a wellness vacation. Málaga has some of the best spas and thalassotherapy centers. There are some free thermal baths, such as the Hedionda in Casares, the Majadas in Alcaucín, or the baths of the Vilo in Periana, in addition to other private baths of great quality. More information on this when it is possible again...

3. Walking through the historic center of Malaga

It seems very cliché, but the historic center full of beautiful pieces of architecture and history. You have to wander in all its little streets.
If you feel like having a snack after your walk, you can have Chocolate with Churros, a typical snack here.
Speaking of hot beverages, we have to mention coffee. Ordering a coffee in Malaga is a bit complicated, as there are at least 8 different types of coffee. We explain the difference between all of them in another of our posts exclusively dedicated to coffee in Malaga.

4. Eating chestnuts

Starting from the end of October, you can see many stands with roasted chestnuts in the streets and squares. These stalls are common during the winter in Malaga and their smell floods the streets in December. Also, don't forget that during December the Christmas lights are on in the center of Malaga and that on the evening of January 5th the Three Kings parade takes place.

5. Winter shopping in Malaga, you know you like it

Shopping malls are usually the star of these dates; some organize ice skating rinks and activities for children like the Corte Inglés (Not this year though. But, we talk about it because we want to be positive! And, it stays in our head for next year! ). There are those who still prefer the warmer atmosphere of the neighborhood stores, like the ones you will find in "Cruz de Humilladero".
Cruz de Humilladero is very easy to reach on foot from the María Zambrano train station, or from anywhere in Malaga by bike.

Another leisure option is the Plaza Mayor shopping and leisure center, near Malaga airport. It has a bowling alley, restaurants, a cinema and a place for children to play. The commercial center is easily accessible with the suburban train, car, and thanks to the new bridge of the Desembocadura de Guadalhorce, with electric bicycles.

If you visit Malaga in winter you can also find various Christmas markets in the city center and the port.

6.Visit Malaga with a pro

Last but not least, visit Malaga with a pro is your best option. At Ebike Málaga, we have the segway tour or electric bike tour for you to have fun! If you are from Malaga, you get to try great electric bikes or the famous segways, and maybe, you will realize that you don´t know as much as you think about your city!
If you are on holiday here, you learn a lot and we promise you will have awesome memories. Check out our segway tours and click here, if you are more interested in electric bikes,click here Or contact us: click here

Electric bike tour

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