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Today in Pedregalejo

With the girls!

Posted by Dounia on March 9, 2023

Today I went to my favorite little neighborhood in Malaga that’s called Pedregalejo. Pedregalejo used to be a fishing town, a lot of Malagueños go to Pedregalejo on the weekends to have lunch and eat the best fish at one of the restaurants that line the boardwalk.

The way to Pedregalejo makes it even more fun, we went by bike so on our way we came across so many beautiful places like the promenade. On our way we came across a chiringuito which is a typical fish restaurant in Malaga, so we stopped and ate some fish and paella which was really good!

The fishes are being cooked on the seashore in little craft that resembles boats. There are several lovely bars where you may go for a drink and have a beautiful view of the beach.

When the weather is nice, you should definitely check out Pedregalejo's beach because it boasts some of the best restaurants and pubs serving seafood as well as one of the nicest beaches.

If you like the water and sailing, you can go to the old boatyard Astilleros Nero, which is located directly at the start of the promenade. There, among other things, one may observe the construction of "jábegas," the traditional wooden fishing boats of the Madagascar people. There are still a few of these boats scattered over the Pedregalejo beaches.

I think the reason I like Pedregalejo so much is that it’s a great example of how the people from Malaga are. They are laid-back, chill, and relaxed and that’s exactly the way I feel when I am in Pedregalejo.

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