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Posted by Chiem

My last week in Malaga.

Montes de Malaga by E-bike

For my last week in Malaga, I visited the mountains by e-bike.
In fact, Malaga is surrounded by many mountains. I wanted to see these mountains up close. I had never been here before so my colleague Raúl, who lives there, took me to experience it.
We took the Dakota mountain e-bikes, because they have a very strong battery which makes it easier to cycle up the mountains.
We left early in the morning from Ebike Malaga, in the city center. First, we had to cycle a little bit through the city’s bike lane, passing by Malaga’s football stadium: La Rosaleda.

We pass near the Botanical Garden, and there we start our ascent.
The mountains were very easy to cycle because of the E-bike's strong battery.
After we arrived at the highest point of the mountain and took many photos, we headed back.

Mirador del Cochino: A viewpoint

We pass one of the most famous viewpoints: El Mirador Del Cochino , named after a giant statue of a wild boar, which was built by recycling scrap metal abandoned in the Montes de Málaga Natural Park. The landscape from the Montes de Malaga is spectacular. The mountains are very close to the coast, so the images of the forests blend with the sea background. The breeze is incredible, it smells of salt and pine.

Venta del Boticario: Best tapas places at the mountain

On the way back, we stopped at a little restaurant located on the mountain: La Venta del Boticario. This is the best place to eat in the Montes de Malaga. Their tapas are spectacular. My favorite was the carne mechá, a traditional Spanish pulled pork recipe.

In the afternoon we returned to Ebike Malaga. We did a lot of kilometers, but the e-bike was a real pleasure to ride. When we stopped at the shop, the bike's battery was still half full. I didn't expect the battery to last that long.
I had the opportunity to do an internship at Ebike Malaga for 10 weeks and I am going to miss it a lot here.
The staff here are so friendly and open. They were also very easygoing and accommodating. I am also going to miss Malaga itself a lot. I fell in love with the city and its people in a relatively short time.

Thank you Ebike Malaga for the fun 10 weeks!

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