Nanda trial

MTB Electric

Posted by Angy

We have tried the Nanda MTB for you, and we love it! We tested it on difficult ground, on slopes and uphill, it did not disappoint us! Its frame and wheels make it a bike for the tall riders. The mid-engine gives a feeling of strength but remains very smooth under acceleration. There is no shock to the components (especially the chain and crankset) when starting the battery. An extremely interesting asset in the long term. Which keeps the mechanical components in good condition, longer.

In terms of comfort, the Nanda offers two extremely positive points:
- Adjustable front suspension
- Hydraulic disc brakes
On downhill and difficult terrain, the suspension with 27.5 x 2.60 wheels offers a great ride comfort by absorbing all shocks. As many of you already know, the hydraulic brakes provide powerful and progressive braking.

The Samsung battery of 36V by 11.6Ah offers an autonomy up to 70km if you use it sparingly.

Very sporty, it meets the requirements of experienced riders. It will allow you to go further, faster and enjoy your rural/mountainous surroundings to the fullest. Its 5 modes of electric assistance allows you to alternate between rest and effort from the handlebar display. If you want more technical information on this model, click here
The MTB Nanda is now available in our shop Ebike Malaga, Calle Casas de Campos, 2. Click here to find us on Google Map.

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