Route to

Rincón de l Victoria

Posted by Sky

Hi everyone, there I am again! Today I cycled to Rincón de la Victoria with Halan and Rufael. For this bike trip, we used a Dakota, Vienna, and a Sydney. The wind was pretty strong today, so the Ebikes really helped!

The Dakota is a mountain bike which is perfect for a route with many hills, which in this case, was so. Next to that, Vienna is a mix between our mountain bike (Dakota) and our city e-bike (Sydney). The electric bike I was using was the Sydney. Our Sydney is perfect to use when you for example are biking along the beach or are planning on biking in the city!

Rincón de la Victoria is a beautiful fishing village located about 15 km from Malaga. I had already received many recommendations that I should visit this beautiful village, so I am very happy that we did!

The route to the village was very beautiful and relaxing. We cycled past beaches, mountains and many parks. I always think these are the most beautiful routes. With a normal bicycle, it takes about 45 minutes to arrive in the village, so with an e-bike you are a lot faster.

As soon as you arrived in Rincón de la Victoria, something immediately struck me: the people. Malaga is of course a real tourist city. This was not the case in Rincón de la Victoria! It is quite an old Spanish town, so many locals live there and not so many tourists. I find old Spanish villages, definitely worth visiting!

Does it sound like something you would like? Then I would definitely recommend you to visit Rincón de la Victoria!

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