Trip to Torremolinos

with friends!

Posted by Dounia

Hi everyone, here I am again. Last Friday I cycled to Torremolinos with three friends. To check Torremolinos off of the list of places I have to experience when I am still here in Spain. Torremolinos is about 40-50 minutes by bike from the center of Málaga. The electric bikes we chose for the trip were 2 Minis and 2 Sidneys. Those electric bikes are my favorites because they are very comfortable and easy to ride. And especially for a longer trip you need to choose an e-bike that is comfortable enough for you.

The bicycle route fine, we did have to figure out a few things ourselves, but in the end, we found it by using Malaga Maps. Along the way you will come across a very long bridge that you have to cross, so you will encounter a lot of beautiful nature and high mountains which is called Desembocadura del Guadalhorce, perfect if you like taking pictures. I took a lot of pictures and videos because that is the ultimate way to lock your memories.

At one point we stopped at a Chiringuito, which is a seafood restaurant by the sea, and there we ate the most delicious fish and potatoes. Also, the people were very nice and the weather was just amazing to experience at the end of January.

Then we continued cycling through Torremolinos and we stopped at the boulevard to take a walk and take some pictures. And finally, we cycled back and ended the evening with a nice drink on the terrace with the sunset.

If I ever have a chance to go back to Torremolinos I will definitely take it. I really recommend Torremolinos if you like beautiful beaches, palm trees, bridges, really cool bars, restaurants and so much more.

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