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buying an ebike?

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Thinking about buying an electric bike?
At E-bike Malaga you can try one for free!
Urbanbiker's Sidney model is one of the best urban electric bikes on the market.
At Ebike Málaga we give you the opportunity to try out our bikes, ride them to your home, your work, or anywhere. This way you will be able to check our bikes in a real way, and how they fit your lifestyle and needs.
We are a local company and we want to contribute to your well-being. Save money by moving in a simple, healthy, and faster way.

The Sidney, our Spanish girl with a Dutch twist. With a fantastic combination of design and practicality, it is unique in its details.
Enjoy all the security and confidence that a Spanish house like Urbanbiker guarantees.
Inspiring in its form, it is elegant in its design and tremendously powerful.
Its engine has been developed by UBK Systems and reaches 40 Nm. This allows it to develop a power of 250 W.
Its 36V system has an integrated F.O.C. controller, which offers a total sense of stability.
This results in a progressive increase in driving speeds.
Everything has been designed to offer maximum reliability and durability.

Its ergonomic finish gives it an urban and innovative look.
A carefully designed Dutch-style allows the driving position to be fully straight and more comfortable, thanks to the height of it handlebar, reducing fatigue and making driving a pleasure, even on long journeys.
It comes equipped with a Selle Royal gel seat, very flexible and padded, for greater comfort. In addition, with its front suspension, it has all the necessary characteristics to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride.
This model also has an approved package carrier, which can carry a load of up to 25 kg. This is the perfect way to adjust to your needs.

How's your battery?
We know that the battery is one of the most important elements to consider in an electric bicycle. The lithium ION battery comes equipped with Samsung cells, which makes the best use of the charge capacity and gives you more autonomy in a smaller and lighter size so that you can enjoy a nimble but powerful e-bike.
In eco mode, it can reach up to 90 km of autonomy. The 504 Wh battery (36V 14Ah) comes with a charger and is removable.

To keep all this power under control in a simple and effective way, its display has a 2.5-inch LCD screen, which offers 5 levels of assistance. It also features a speedometer, odometer, accurate speed information, and 6km/h walk mode. This makes it possible to make difficult starts, even on a slope, easily and to cover sections without having to pedal constantly. The display has backlighting, to provide a better image quality even in low light situations.

Enjoy consistent braking response with Shimano MT 200 hydraulic brakes, which significantly improve safety and confidence on the road thanks to their excellent all-weather performance.  This type of brakes give much more control over the amount of braking power you want to apply, and only locks the wheel when you want it to. They are more efficient and apply less pressure on the lever when braking, achieving smooth and progressive braking. In the long run, this translates into more relaxation for our hands, punishing them infinitely less.

If you have any questions, stop by or call us at 0034.952.22.11.56.
We are open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, in Málaga downtown - C/Casas de Campos,2.
If you want more details about Sidney's datasheet, click here.

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