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Quezako with Coronavirus during my holidays? In Andalusia, the rules are simple and very precise. We explain it all to you in 3 minutes, so that you don't have any problems, neither with the police nor with the Andalusians.
You have done a test before leaving, that's fine, but you still have to respect the local rules. In your country, the mask is not obligatory? In Andalusia it is, and you can be fined if you don't wear it.
The B-A-BA is to ALWAYS have a mask with you, and if you are in some doubt about how to behave, just ask!

  In practice, how does it work here?


In this case, it's simple. Wearing the mask is mandatory. Whether on the bus, train, Cercania, or taxi. No arguing.

 At the hotel

From the moment you leave your room, you must wear your mask. At breakfast or mealtimes, you can remove your mask as soon as you are seated at the table. If you get up to get a refill at the buffet, put on your mask!

 In restaurants and bars

Before you sit down, ask the waiters' permission. Tables and chairs are disinfected between each client but make sure the server has had time to do so after the previous clients have left, so ask if/where you can sit.
Masking is mandatory from the moment you move inside. So, for the trips to and from the toilet and if you pay inside, you put your mask on. You will find hand sanitizers at the entrance, use them. If you eat/drink inside, it is like in the hotel, at the table, no mask, but as soon as you get up, you put it on.

 The shops

No discussion, wearing a mask is mandatory. The number of people inside the stores is limited, depending on the number of employees and/or the capacity.
Often, you will have an employee who will allow you to enter (or not). In smaller shops, it is now customary for Spaniards to ask if they can enter, do the same.
At the entrance of the shops, you will have hand disinfectants. Use them. Even with disinfected hands, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! The staff are there to help you.
A practical example: in our bike shop, we have a maximum of 2 customers at a time inside. An obligatory distance of 1.50m (5 feet) with our employees. Disinfectant is available at the entrance. Posters of good conduct are hung on our walls so that you are informed of the standards to be respected.

In the street

Put on your mask on. It's a simple rule.

 On a bike

On the bike path and the road at 30km/h, you now have to put it on. If you want to know the cycle lanes in Malaga, click here to see our map of the city.

  At the beach

It's still the same rules, put your mask on when you arrive and when you leave. Put your towel away from the others. If you have any doubts about how to behave, municipal employees are there to answer your questions. On some beaches, you will have markings on the ground to guide you. To be safer, we recommend the beaches that are a little further away from the city center. It will be less crowded and it will be easier to respect the sanitary rules.

Don't forget that all these rules are simple gestures to have, to protect yourself and others. You can contact us by clicking here if you have any questions.

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